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AkbaRatz's Wedding

Friday, December 12, 2008

After the wedding...

Guyss...Im finally back touching the ground after a long, wonderful way of big events in my life..Alhamdullilah my wedding turned out to be a successfull one..Im glad that everything went smoothly as what we intended to be and finally our love has bring us together as husband and wife...Thanks for all of you that attended my wedding both in Penang and KL....Special thanks to Ayu, Min & Pjan for the support and time spent thru out the wedding.
31st Oct 2008 - Akad Nikah ceremony held in Masjid Daerah Seberang Perai at 5.00pm
1st Nov 2008 - Reception at Butterworth, Penang with Pink & Green theme
8th Nov 2008 - Reception at Pantai Dalam, KL with gold theme
17th Nov 2008 - Honeymoon in Bali
I've thousand of photos from the photographer...still finding time to choose some of the best one...will post the photos once I've choosen it probably by next week...Lots and lots of stories to share but too little time to spend on blogging =(
Will try to express the best that I could...so keep on visiting ya...

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Aidilfitri Recap...

It has been a hectic raya this year..Let me revised all the moments of aidilfitri..

Raya Nite
I was bz helping mama with cooking...before that, sempat gak wat last minute carrot cake...Kalut nak tolong mama cecepat cuz dun wanna missed the excitement of Jalan TAR on raya eve..Me and Akbar met up Alizam (my cool boss) at Jln TAR..It was drizzling at that time..Lepak mamak for teh tarik and lepas tuh, aper lagik..shooping till u drop..mmg best cuz at this time, semua lelong..bought a couples of tudungs and ready made baju kurung..unfortunately the baju kurung semua for my mom and sis cuzmy size doesn't fit well..huhu

1st Day
We were at home the whole day...bz melayan tetamu..Alizam came with kak Syu, cute Aleeya andhis nieces..memang meriah la since Akbar also came at the same time with his bro, Abg Atan and wife, K.Nana...Kalut jugak la since my sis appartment kecik..kesian ada yg kena duduk on the floor jer..

2nd Day
All of us..me, mama, bap, buna (my sis) and baby Safiya went to Akbar's house for lunch..Banyak nyer lauk yg mak masak..huhu...After that we proceed to my cousin's haouse in Putra Heights...cantik nyer his new house..yg jeles nyer the tiles is so nice compared to my house...Lepas dah kenyang2 tuh, terus ke rumah my uncle kat Puncak Jalil..asyik makan je kerja..this time I surrendered..mmg dah tak boleh nak sumbat dah..huhu

3rd Day
Can't u believe, I was working on the 3rd day of raya?hehe..nak save leave punya pasal..After work...terus chow ke Penang with buna and akbar..sib baik highway clear jer..Akbar berdesup..3 hours we made it to Penang...my dad sampai kata 'drive ke terbang?'..huhu...

4th Day
Pepagi all of us ke Gurney Plaza..nak gi Habib cuz my mom wanna buy something for me..sempat la browse around since dah lama sangat tak berjalan2 kat Penang nih..If dedulu, mana ceruk kat Penang yg tak pernah pegi..semua tempat bleh hafal..now so many things has changed...We straight headed to Sungai Petani for lunch and lepas tuh ke Butik Bernard for fitting baju kawen..nasib baik our dresses turn out to be want we intended to be..memang sweet...Lepas fitting we met up Akbar's fren kat old town coffee cuz nak pass kad kawen..Yang paling sedihnyer that time he got a call - his aunty passed away..So sad..she was so fine and jovialon our engagement day..Terus kelang kabut balik Penang, pack our things and balik KL...that nite pulak highway jam giler...bertolak from Penang kul 9.30pm..sampai KL kul 3.30am..

5th Day
As early as 8am me and Akbar headed to Kg Baru for the funeral..Sampai semua dah selesai around 1pm baru balik umah..

6th Day
Malasnyer kena kejer balik!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Aidilfitri 1429H

Aidilfitri is cuming in just a day and I dun know what the hack I am doing in this office..huhu..This year, I am being abnormal by not taking any leave on hari raya..got to save some leave for my wedding gara2 nak cuti sebulan on end of Oct till Nov..nasib baik my parents are being sporting by cuming over to KL to celebrate Raya here with 2 of their lovely daughters, especially the youngest one..hehe..Baju raya pun this year tak buat langsung..semua buat for the wedding jer..since my 2nd sis won't be coming home for raya, makin jimat la duit raya yang nak kena bagi..hikhik..Pendek kata preparation for raya this year tak semeriah past years where normally I will take my blok leave to be with my family...Kuih raya pun this year tak sempat nak buat..buat carrot cake and choc cake jer..cookies semua beli..but then rasa tak syok plak beli, if sempat maybe nak buat choc chip as requested by Akbar, sian plak takut kempunan but i really doubt that..hehe..For all of you that know me directly or indirectly, S E L A M A T H A R I R A Y A ! Mintak ampun & maaf bebanyak for all my wrong doings..Drive safely home and may all of us be blessed and filled with lots of love always..amin.

Monday, September 08, 2008


Hope its not too late to wish u guys Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak...The greatest month of the year...Mintak ampun & maaf for any wrong doings I've made all these while....A week has gone...This year, everything seemed to be flowing so fast...berbuka here in KL biasa la everyday pun beli je..buhsan...Yg sedihnyer, tak sempat nak berbuka or bersahur with my parents lagi since weekend I have to attend my classes, so no time to go back to Penang...Hopefully they'll be coming to KL soon since they're planning to celebrate Aidilfitri here in KL this year...Can't wait to have all mama's delicious cooking...

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Baby Boo

My baby boo will always be my beloved Akbar although we are blessed to have a wonderful baby girl in additional to our family members...Raihana Nursafiyya was born on 2nd July 08 with the weight of 2.85kg...she is extremely adorable....Now that she is almost 2 mths old, she is getting chubbier and chubbier..geram sangat..dah pandai nak sembang2 and senyum2 now...We had her cukur jambul ceromony last week back in Penang...Luckily she has been a good girl all these while..even on that day, with the princess look dress my mom made, she didn't grumble at all...we all yg nampak that she is uncomfortable but dia tak ngamuk langsung...Now my parents have 3 daughters, 3 grandaughters and 2 sons in law....soon will be 3 with addition Akbar to our family.

Raihana Nursafiyya

Shes so cuteeee...

The bed proudly decorated by me...

Syam's Wedding 240808

Last weekend was in Penang for Safiyya's cukur jambul ceremony on Saturday and Syam's wedding on Sunday...After a long search, Syam, my bestie finally found his soul mate. The akad nikah was held on 21st August 08, on his birthday...So happy for him..Lepas nih dah kena behave sket la...tak leh ler nak huha tak tentu pasal dah..hehe...Coincidently all of my bestie back in school ended their single mingle status in 2008...Congrats to all...

Sunday, July 13, 2008


A year older, a year wiser....Can't believed it that I've turned 27 this year...Glad to be showered with so much love all these while...Akbar surprised me with the lovely cupcakes...so sweet!!My family actually planned with him to suprised me that nite...we had a simple celebration at home...with all the one that I love..except for my 2nd sis who always failed to celebrate together since she's in Aussie..huhu...Thanks to all of my friends for the bday wishes..To Famila for the lovely flowers...so sweet of u!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Maybank IS Engagement Day 08

Ohh...forgot to update u guys on Maybank IS Engagement Day held on 14 Jun 08..Although, unfortunately, due to some circumstances, I was not able to make it...Anyhow, I managed to lend a hand to help around with banner and decorations stuff..Kalut giler buat the giant banner cuz takut tak sempat nak siapkan in 1.5 days but at last, it turned out to be not bad at all...hehe..Actually there are lots of complains and unfairness been flying around associates with the organizing committee's unwell planning of the event..Tak kisah la..apa pun, we've done our part to the fulless commitment..Can't wait for our very own Loan's Family Day probably on Aug08..